Owais Says There Are No Good BGMI Coaches in India

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is one of the most popular mobile esports titles in India. The competitiveness among the teams and players has increased significantly since the game was unbanned in May. There have been numerous young players and teams who have made a mark in the game and have impressed fans. With the number of teams and players increasing, seasoned teams are on the lookout for good coaches to keep up with other teams’ strategies and counter them.

Owais talks about why there are less BGMI coaches in India

Mohammed “Owais” Lakhani recently talked about how there are currently no good coaches in India and also said that when the current crop of competitive players retire, they can take up the role of coaches.

In a recent , Owais talking about coaches in India said that, “I always wanted to play under a good coach but the performance hasn’t come as of yet. I think the day I become a coach all the players will be happy.”

When one of the viewers asked him why we do not have good coaches in India,  he responded, “It is not that we don’t have good coaches in India, the number of coaches currently present in India is far less than what we need. The problem is that we are the first generation that are currently playing the game and when some of us exit from playing the game on a competitive level we will have a good amount of coaches available. The International teams are a great example where the PUBG PC players have become coaches of PUBG Mobile teams.”

He also talked about one instance from the India vs Korea Invitational and said, “I met the coach of Dplus Kia in the India vs Korea Invitational event, he was also playing competitive esports from the time I was playing, but now he has chosen coaching as his profession. He also said to me that the only reason he chose coaching is because there are no good coaches available in Korea.”

It will be interesting to see if any players from the current crop of competitive players takes up a coaching position going forward as the opportunity for good coaches in India is rising.