Deus Vult Kid Bomba Shares Why He Wants to Move to SEA for His MLBB Career

The CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) team, Deus Vult, is one of the teams that surprised many as it reached the knockout stage of the M5 World Championship. The team’s main EXP Laner, Mathaios “Kid Bomba” Chatzilakos, even became a fan-favorite in the tournament, captivating audiences with his exceptional skills, and charismatic presence. While the team lost against ONIC Esports in the upper bracket, it still has a second chance to clutch a grand finals slot in the lower bracket. 

Through a post-match press conference, Kid Bomba revealed that he is looking to move to Southeast Asia (SEA) if he wants to continue his esports career in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). Expressing his belief that his homeland, Germany, lacks a conducive environment for competitive growth, the pro player sees the SEA region as a beacon of opportunity, offering a more competitive landscape and a flourishing esports ecosystem that aligns with his aspirations.

Kid Bomba shares how “there is nothing” for his MLBB career in Germany

While Mobile Legends has been gradually extending its influence beyond Southeast Asia, there are still regions that are struggling and receiving limited attention and support, hampering the game’s growth and accessibility in those areas.

Kid Bomba sheds light on the challenges faced by struggling regions, emphasizing that it’s not just Germany grappling with a dearth of opportunities in MLBB esports. According to him, Europe and the Nordic regions are also contending with issues like inadequate infrastructure, limited tournament opportunities, and a lack of widespread recognition for Mobile Legends esports. These challenges, he argues, are stifling the overall development and competitiveness in these areas.

The German pro player elaborated on his decision, stating, “There is nothing [in Germany], and here’s something [in SEA], so I feel like doing something in another region is better than just [being stagnant] in a region where you cannot develop anymore.” He believes that the SEA region provides a conducive environment for personal and professional development, allowing him to strive for the best version of himself.

Despite the lack of opportunities, Kid Bomba was able to join Deus Vult, a Russian team that is currently competing in the M5 World Championship.

“I guess, it’s just bad, pretty bad. There are no tournaments there and stuff, that’s why I went to another region to be able to develop more and not get held back,” he said.

Deus Vult’s next match will be against See You Soon on 15th December at 6:00 PM (PHT). It will be the pivotal moment that determines the fate of the team’s journey in the M5 World Championship — a decisive clash that will either propel them forward in the tournament or bring their remarkable run to an end, sending them home.

Fans will have to keep their eyes peeled on which team will make it to the next phase of the tournament.