Who Is Revenant Esports?

Revenant Esports is one of the few esports organizations in India who has fielded rosters in multiple esports titles and has achieved significant success through them. It has rosters in various mobile and PC esports titles such as Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), Pokemon Unite, Brawl Stars, Counter Strike, Free Fire and Valorant. 

Its BGMI team has shown consistent performances in recent official and third party events which has led to it being placed 5th in the .

Revenant Esports Summary

Revenant Esports has been present in the esports scene in India since 2021 and has fielded a BGMI roster since then in every tournament. The organization introduced rosters in other esports titles like Pokemon Unite and Brawl Stars in 2022 and Counter Strike in 2023. It has enjoyed the majority of its success in BGMI, Pokemon Unite and Brawl Stars. The Brawl Stars squad also recently represented India at the Brawl Stars World Finals 2023.

The Revenant Esports BGMI roster is one of the consistent teams in India. It has been able to put forth consistent performances in some of the third party events as well as official events. Revenant Esports’ best performance was in the recently concluded Skyesports Championship 5.0 LAN Grand Finals where it was placed second. 

This is Revenant Esports’ BGMI roster:

  • Harshit “MJ” Mahajan.

  • Deepak “Sensei” Negi.

  • Nishant “Apollo”.

  • Ritesh “Fierce” Nawandar.

  • Kaushal “Simp” Jaiswal.

Revenant Esports has been able to impress its fans with its aggressive yet controlled gameplay but it has not been able to grab any major BGMI titles. It was able to dominate the initial stages of Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2023 and continued to do the same in the Grand Finals LAN event where it secured the 7th place. It was also able to put forth good performances in the India vs Korea Invitational where it secured the 5th place despite not having a chicken dinner.

Although Revenant Esports has not been able to win any major titles, its placement in significant BGMI tournaments has led it to being placed in the 5th spot on the .