COD: Mobile Holiday Series Armory Draw: Tricks You Must Know to Get Free Legendary Skins

The Call of Duty: Mobile Christmas Series Armory offers players a festive array of holiday-themed legendary weapon. This draw contains a total of six legendary blueprints, a number which has never been seen before in a single draw, all featuring Christmas effects and designs. In this article, we take a look at the rewards and the draw mechanics, making it easier to understand the spending range players should expect.

How to increase your chances of Free Spins and get Legendary Skins?

Spins in the Christmas Series Armory can be expensive to acquire; you can use series points or COD points. On the other hand, having current legendaries can greatly increase your chances of earning bonus spins. Players gain 1000 series points, or 10 spins, for each legendary they own.

In the Call of Duty Mobile “All Series” tab, players can find the Christmas skin series marked by a snowflake icon under the legendary blueprints. This snowflake represents a hidden community event with milestone rewards and completionist rewards up for grabs.

By participating in the likes campaign, players can contribute towards unlocking milestone rewards at 1 million, 2 million, and 3 million total likes. Reaching these milestones will grant 100 series points at each threshold, for a total of 300 series points possible. As stated in the event description, these series points can be used towards spins in the Christmas armory draw.

In addition to the milestone points rewards, finishing the likes campaign at 3 million will also unlock completionist rewards for those who took part along the way. These special completionist items will include a holiday frame, calling card, avatar, emote and more.

Analysis of Odds and Rewards of Holiday Series Draw

Legendary blueprint probabilities in this arsenal are 0.5%, which adds up to an overall likelihood of 0.55% when multiplied by the odds of each individual blueprint. Compared to conventional lucky drawings, these odds appear favorable; however, duplicates can be turned into series points, reducing the possibility of losses.

The Christmas Series Armory also features exclusive rewards from past draws with a Christmas theme, like the J358 Merry Maker cosmetic, the Candy Stabber melee weapon skin, and an epic grenade with special effects.