XDefiant Announces New Server Test Session, Confirms Delay

XDefiant Announces New Server Test Session, Confirms Delay

XDefiant has announced that it will soon hold a new Server Test Session and confirmed that the game has been delayed.

“We’re finishing preparation for a 12-hour Server Test Session that will be worldwide on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. The goal of this test is to stress our servers and get critical data to prepare us for launch. This is where we need your help to test our servers as much as possible! As always, feedback on your experience is important to us,” the announcement reads.

It continues, “After this short test, we expect to be able to lock a launch date and start sharing more about the exciting content XDefiant has to offer in the future!”

Flizzyy reported yesterday of the internal struggles on the XDefiant studio at the Ubisoft San Franciso project, which included a toxic world culture, crunch, and years of delays. The report followed a report on March 23, which revealed that the game will be missing its Q4 2023 deadline, and the game is planned to have a new public test to stress test the servers.

In response to our report, a Ubisoft spokesperson said,

“We take claims seriously and are committed to the well-being and inclusivity of all our team members. Our preventive approach includes promoting standards of respect and civility, awareness and training, and effective conflict resolution. We also have put in place strong reporting mechanisms – including an anonymous whistleblowing channel – and robust processes to deal with inappropriate behaviors, should they occur.”

XDefiant currently does not have a release date.

For more of the latest Flizzyy news, you can read about an alleged leak for the upcoming Sims 5 open world map.

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